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Swedish executives and entrepreneurs are thriving in the global economy, and this has created great interests from business people from countries in Asia and Latin America, who are increasingly interested to enter into business with Swedish companies. In this context, it becomes even more important to obtain representation and support, in managing new global expansion challenges and opportunities. For instance, within the IT sector, technology transmission from EU countries like Sweden, are granted tax incentives in countries like Brazil, Colombia and Chile; and many countries in these regions have Free Trade Agreements in place with EU and USA.

What can the HUB’s Desks offer you?

A trusted team of business contacts in Asia and Latin America. We have formed an alliance with international professionals that are experienced acting as liaisons in the regions that they represent. The Regional Desks have a direct access to a local trusted network of potential business partners, local governments, and have knowledge and experience in these countries and cultures. We have also formed alliances with well-respected local law firms in both China and Latin America.

As an example, if you envisage business activities in China, it could be risky to deal with a middleman with corruptive practices when negotiating business agreements that are dependent on government decisions. For this type of cases, the Shanghai Law Firm besides assisting you with legal advice can also deal with the local authorities.

In addition, the Regional Desks can help you with:

  • Company Representation and In-Market Representation
  • Foreign Market Entry and Lead Generation
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Partnerships, M&A Due Diligence
  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Contracting Solutions
  • Fact-Finding Missions

We will continue adding Desks to relevant regions and are looking forward to seeing Executive HUB's Desks serving as your solid business bridge into the world!

latin desk

Contact Person: Giovanna Lindgren





Giovanna is a business transformation strategist and entrepreneur with a passion for helping organizations undergo strategic shifts. She has assisted executives in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. As a thought leader on the acceleration of digitalization, she specializes in mastering complex cultural environments.

Giovanna began her career working for international development organizations in Canada, solving problems in organizational design, change management, program management, and process improvement. After five years, in 2006 she moved into the public sector, working for the International Research Council, Canada Revenue Agency, Canada Post, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain, and specialized in strategy, future technologies, and innovation, managing numerous transformation programs from strategy to holistic execution.

In the last ten years, Giovanna has consulted some of the most innovative, established players in the areas of digital media, broadcasting, mobile, B2B, manufacturing, and technology. For companies including Vizrt and Electrolux, she has led large-scale transformations, implemented agile operating models, buildt new capabilities, and managed global roll-outs.

chinese desk

Contact Person: Shu Wang Jonsson





Shu Wang Jonsson was born and raised in Shanghai, China and has lived in Sweden for over 20 years. She is a Chinese, English, Swedish and German speaking management consultant experienced in driving business and supporting Swedish companies initiating and implementing business strategy in the Chinese market. She has a background in marketing, international trade and economics, with experience of different international companies in China and Sweden.

Companies she worked with in international marketing, project & business management and business strategy as well as international purchasing are German Shanghai Metro Group, German Centre for Industry & Trade, Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, Thomas Concrete Group AB, CEJN AB and China Euro Vehicle Technology AB in Sweden.

She has her own consulting firm since 5 years helping Swedish companies with their market entry, business support, establishment and business development in China. Together with her strong analytical, language and interpersonal skills, combined with her great culture understanding, she has supported Swedish companies in China and has the ambition to continue focusing on building successful business between Sweden and China.