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Executive HUB is a community that provides exclusive networks for Executives, Board members and Business Leaders.

We offer forums for experience exchanges, growth and development as well as tailored consulting services and education. There are currently "HUB:s" in Umeå, Stockholm and Gothenburg and we plan to expand further in Sweden and internationally.

The recruitment of members to the networks is ongoing and membership in one of the "HUB: s" also gives access to activities in the others, to facilitate the expansion of each members network. A membership is personal and conditioned to personal references together with sharing the EH's values, vision and mission.

why join the executive hub community?

We offer direct access to our premium community that share and discuss experiences, challenges, ideas and visions. This boosts growth and development, both personal and in business and creates synergy to the businesses and societies in their area.

The explosion of distance work, digital networking and social media requires more transparency and accountability, but also gives unlimited possibilities for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to share knowledge and innovate at a faster pace.

With a membership in Executive HUB you can join in and learn from the many Round Tables, Seminars and Talks that are included. The topics are, among others, digital transformation, change management, compliance, working capital optimization, sustainability/circular economy, diversity, positive psychology and complexity.

WE encourage

At Executive HUB we also encourage Members and Partners to share knowledge and collaborate in these areas:

+ Corporate Social Responsibility

+ Diversity & Inclusion

+ Ethics & Compliance

+ Anti-Corruption

+ Sustainability

our mission

With Executive HUB, we've created a Community, where sharing knowledge fosters innovation with the aim of making a positive impact both in business and society. Our mission is to create synergies between our members through the sharing of experiences and visions for the future.

our vision

Our vision goes beyond organizing domestic forums. We want our members to meet other influential Executives, successful Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders from around the world in order to join forces and proactively brainstorm to explore how they, together can have a positive impact in their societies.